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The 11 in 1 budget LogoMultitool Classic is not just a knife, it's also a ruler, bottle opener, can opener, saw, angle gauge, hang hole, screwdriver, and wrench. Made of high-quality stainless steel that's strong, durable and highly resistant to tarnishing and rust. Suitable for campings and other outdoor activities. 


Print your brand!

The LogoMultiTool Classic is a great and functional buget gift for your customers to give away.

Available in many colors from 500 pieces and can be printed/engraved very well.


Features & specs

- Dimensions: 6,8cm x 4,5cm.
- 24 grams.
- Material: 4X heat treated steel.
- 1 mm thick, completely flat
- Fits in your wallet. 
- Includes 11 tools. 
- Never rust, bend, or dull. 
- TSA approved for carry-on during flight. 


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                   Brinklaan 143
                   1404 GD Bussum
                   The Netherlands


Phone: (+31) (0)35 69 22 546
Mob.   : (+31) (0)6 489 617 41